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The Home Of Power Vinyasa Yoga in Christchurch
is fully open under Covid-19 Level 1. Come on in!

Practice authentic Power Vinyasa Yoga at Apollo Power Yoga. Gain the functional strength that you expect from weight-training at a gym, the heart-health benefits you expect from cardio work, and the full mobility and calm, focussed mind that only yoga delivers.


  1. Our booking system is optional for in-studio classes, and required to participate in livestream classes.
  2. Upon arrival at the studios, scan the QR code for contract tracing, and spray your hands with the sterilising spray at the door before touching anything else. 
  3. Report to the reception desk before entering the change rooms or practice rooms. You will need to update your email and phone contacts with us for the purposes of contact tracing. 
  4. We have rental mats available, but we highly recommend you have your own yoga mat. 
  5. We have arranged PayWave for contact-less payments at our studios, but encourage you to make payments direct to our bank account ANZ 01 0310 0054995 00. 
  6. We will regularly clean and sterilise common areas and shared equipment, as has long been our practice and will do all we can to ensure that our studios are a safe and healthy environment for you.  Please assist us by spraying all shared equipment with sterilising spray before and after you use it.
  7. As always, it is your choice whether you receive any hands-on assists in class.  Place either a green disc (indicating you wish to receive hands-on assists) or a red disc (indicating you prefer not to receive hands-on assists) on your mat.

Any pass that you have bought or will buy with Apollo is valid for use in our live-stream classes, as well as at any of our physical locations.  For details on how to buy a new pass see: Pricing

How do you get started?  Purchase our two-week introductory offer for just $25, and book into the class of your choice.  Begin your transformation now.

If you are new to Apollo Power Yoga, whether an experienced yoga practitioner or a brand new beginner, it can be daunting to step into a yoga studio you’re not familiar with. You have nothing to be apprehensive about.  Our teachers will give you a cheerful welcome and our students will be friendly to you.  Just come along to a class.  You do not need to book or pay ahead of time.  There will be a place for you and we can take your payment at our reception desk.

Many beginners wonder which class to start with. The one that you can come to, is the short answer. There are many classes on our schedule; many different names and descriptions, but they all have teachers that are happy to see new faces and are comfortable and familiar with teaching new students. They are fully capable and eager to lead a class for all different levels; the beginner included! 

Apollo Power Yoga has studio mats for you to hire, so you need not bring anything with you apart from yourself and comfortable clothes you can move in (shorts, leggings, sweat pants, t-shirt or tank). We look forward to seeing you soon!




Join Margo and Hamish for seven nights and six days in beautiful Rarotonga at the Ikurangi Eco Retreat.

We will provide six days of daily meditation, power yoga in the morning, breathing, philosophy and restorative yoga in the late afternoon, daily breakfasts, three lunches, three dinners and two of the following activities:

  • Stand up paddle board and snorkel and/or night SUP lagoon tour
  • Glass bottom lagoon cruise and snorkel (includes lunch)
  • Cross island trek and/or nature walk (includes lunch)
  • Eco cycle tour (includes lunch)
  • Cultural island show (includes dinner)
  • Electric tuk tuk island tour and/or sunset cocktail tour
  • 60 min traditional Polynesian massage.

Enquire NOW to reserve your place for this wonderful retreat: margo@apollopoweryoga.com.

This will be a fantastic experience and we look forward to sharing it with you.  


  • To build functional strength in your body that originates at your core and expands to the rest of your body.  Our classes include the weight-bearing and strength building that you need.  Every power vinyasa class at Apollo Power Yoga is a balanced total body work-out.
  • To create functional mobility in your body for ease of movement in all your daily activities.  In a power vinyasa class at Apollo Power Yoga you will move your body through a full range of actions and will increase your mobility in all ways.

Apollo Power Yoga Reception with yoga mats


  • To improve balance, coordination and proprioception.  Balance is an acquired skill and by balancing on one leg then another, by balancing in split legged lunging poses, by balancing on your hands and by balancing in inversions you will improve your balance, your proprioception and your awareness of good posture for healthy daily living.
  • Power vinyasa yoga at Apollo Power Yoga is taught on the foundation of good breathing technique.  Your quality of breathing will improve by practicing our classes with benefits for you from celluar health to better sleep, from emotional and hormonal balance to mental focus and concentration.
  • At Apollo Power Yoga we teach our classes against a backdrop of philosophical principle and eternal truths to transform your perspective upon yourself and the world and to empower you to be your best self.
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