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What is Apollo Power Yoga?

The “Power” in Apollo Power Yoga is the power of your spirit.  You do not need to be super strong or super experienced to practice with us.  Just have a strength of spirit to learn, to grow and to make the best of yourself.

Gain the functional strength that you expect from weight-training at a gym, the heart-health benefits you expect from cardio work, and the full body mobility and calm, focused mind that only yoga delivers.

Book a class now on our Timetables page, or just show up for the class you want to get started in.    

Purchase a two week starter pass for just $35 and practice as often as you can in that two week period. Get started today with your physical, mental and spiritual revolution.

At Apollo Power Yoga we offer you three styles of practice: Power Vinyasa YogaPower Pilates and Relax and Restore. All of our classes are accessible to all levels, from absolute beginners to more experienced practitioners.


If you are in a course of full-time study, we have a fantastic deal for you!

In any week, your first practice with us is only $10.  And any subsequent practice in that same week is only $5.

Make regular yoga practice at Apollo part of your routine to keep yourself well and clear-headed.  And tell all of your student friends, too!  

If you are new to Apollo Power Yoga, whether an experienced yoga practitioner or a brand new beginner, it can be daunting to step into a yoga studio you’re not familiar with.  You have nothing to be apprehensive about. 

  1. Our teachers will give you a cheerful welcome.

  2. Our students will be friendly to you. 

  3. Just come along to a class.  You do not need to book or pay ahead of time.  There will be a place for you and we can take your payment at our reception desk.

Many beginners wonder which class to start with.  There are many classes on our schedule but they all have teachers that are happy to see new faces and are comfortable and familiar with teaching new students.  Our teachers are fully capable and eager to lead a class for all different levels, the beginner included! 

Apollo Power Yoga has studio mats for you to hire, so you need not bring anything with you apart from yourself and comfortable clothes you can move in (shorts, leggings, sweat pants, t-shirt or tank).  We look forward to seeing you soon!



These treatments are a fantastic way to relieve muscle soreness, to remove toxins, to reduce cellulite and bulges, and to restore skin tone. 

These treatments originated in France, but are now offered worldwide. Apollo Power Yoga and Massage is the sole supplier of Endermologie treatments in Christchurch.  You will feel lighter, more vital and cleansed by these treatments, as well as relaxed in a most therapeutic way.

For more information CLICK HERE

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Why choose Apollo Power Yoga?

  • To build functional strength in your body that originates at your core and expands to the rest of your body.  Our classes include the weight-bearing and strength building that you need.  Every power vinyasa class at Apollo Power Yoga is a balanced total body work-out.

  • To create functional mobility in your body for ease of movement in all your daily activities.  In a power vinyasa class at Apollo Power Yoga you will move your body through a full range of actions and will increase your mobility in all ways.

  • To improve balance, coordination and proprioception.  Balance is an acquired skill and by balancing on one leg then another, by balancing in split legged lunging poses, by balancing on your hands and by balancing in inversions you will improve your balance, your proprioception and your awareness of good posture for healthy daily living.

  • Power vinyasa yoga at Apollo Power Yoga is taught on the foundation of good breathing technique.  Your quality of breathing will improve by practicing our classes with benefits for you from cellular health to better sleep, from emotional and hormonal balance to mental focus and concentration.

  • At Apollo Power Yoga we teach our classes against a backdrop of philosophical principle and eternal truths to transform your perspective upon yourself and the world and to empower you to be your best self.