I was hoping to find some truly passionate teachers while staying in Christchurch. Well, having yoga at Apollo was inspiring, driving and transforming. It provided great momentum, exactly what I was looking for!

– Marc-Etienne

Hamish Kenworthy

Hamish Kenworthy

Hamish is a director and the principal teacher of Apollo Power Yoga. After extensive study with Baron Baptiste, the creator of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, Hamish became New Zealand’s first certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher, and is certified with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT200 yoga teacher.

Having also studied Budokon® Yoga with its founder, Cameron Shayne, Hamish was the first person in New Zealand to become a certified Budokon® teacher, bringing the transition-based fusion of yogic and martial arts to Apollo students exclusively.

Hamish teaches with passion, enthusiasm and unquenchable energy.  His classes will challenge and inspire you.  His philosophical offerings will help give you insight into yourself, and power to rise above negative self-impressions to actualise your potential.

Margo Perpick

Margo Perpick

Margo is a director and Lead Teacher of Apollo Power Yoga.  She completed her Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training with Baron Baptiste in February 2011, and her Level 2 Training with the Baptiste Institute in July 2015. She is a Yoga Alliance 200 hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT).  Margo works with Hamish in leading Apollo Power Yoga’s RYS-200 teacher training programme Step into Your Power.

Margo has been practising yoga for more than ten years, and teaching power vinyasa and restorative yoga on an increasing scale since late 2010.

Margo’s classes focus on the general health benefits of a power vinyasa yoga practice.  Her own daily yoga practice has enabled her to retain full mobility and minimise back pain, in spite of having a very crooked spine (scoliosis).  In her teaching, Margo assists her students to free themselves from physical pain and limitations through yoga.

“I’ve been involved in various forms of fitness during my life, including ice skating, swimming, running, aerobics and gym work (weights) as well as other styles of yoga.  Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga is my only form of exercise now, because it’s the best option I’ve found for achieving strength and muscular definition without bulkiness, and cardiovascular fitness without wear and tear on my joints.”

“Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga provides practitioners with a complete package of asana (poses), core strength development, breath enablement, meditation, personal inquiry and healthful living principles.  I’m grateful to be receiving the benefits of these practices, and enjoy sharing them with our students at Apollo Power Yoga.”

Margo has also created a modified Power Vinyasa practice which enables women to carry on their yoga practice at Apollo throughout pregnancy and during their post-natal period.

Rachel Bayliss

Rachel Baylis

I came to yoga because my body hurt. It started as soon as I turned 30. One of my big toes hurt when I walked and my right hip hurt. My doctor told me it was arthritis or “wear and tear”. My own sense was that I wasn’t moving enough.

I had been overweight since childhood and had never found joy in exercise or sports (except dancing and bush walking) having never been fit or self confident enough to participate fully. Yoga offered me a form of exercise that didn’t make me compete with others, or struggle to keep up. Plus, I found a class right on my street. It was warm and they had a cat in the class. I started going most days.

Immediately I began to enjoy the changes in posture and alignment I felt after classes. Despite having always thought of myself as not liking exercise, I found that I really enjoyed the physicality of the practice. I loved walking home up my street standing taller, feeling my joints moving easily.

What caught me by surprise was the mental and emotional challenge. When I first started practicing, it was all I could do to keep myself on my mat. My mind sent me a constant stream of negative messages telling me to give up, that I wasn’t strong enough. It was torture. To get through the classes I furiously repeated mantra and affirmations from my meditation practice to keep from giving up. I embraced ujayi breathing.

That was 11 years ago. I haven’t practiced continuously but I’ve done a lot of meditation and chanting. These days I am stronger and I have a compassionate mind that doesn’t beat me up. As a teacher it’s awesome seeing other people working through their stuff on their mats and coming out of class refreshed and radiant. It’s a relief to leave that stuff on the mat.

As a yoga teacher, I am very happy to share what I have learned so far, and to bring my own experience in other spiritual practices into my teaching at Apollo.

James Anson-Holland

James Anson-Holland

I have a background in top-level basketball and played NCAA Division 1 basketball for the University of South Alabama.  A knee injury curtailed my basketball career.  I found that yoga was a means of exercise that not only did not hurt my injured knee but actually made it feel better and stronger.

I trained with Hamish and Margo in their RYS-200 programme called Step into your Power in 2016 and began teaching at Apollo Power Yoga later that year. In my teaching, I share my enthusiasm for the strong physical challenge of power vinyasa yoga, and my experience of  yoga’s benefits for overall wellbeing.

Karen Stevens

Karen Stevens

My yoga journey started 18 years ago after the birth of my first child whilst I was experiencing a serious bout of anxiety and depression. A work colleague asked if I would go with her to a yoga class at the local recreation centre. I thought “I am pretty flexible, that could be good”.

I was, and continue to be, amazed how yoga poses can completely change my body and mind offering perspective and grounding. I have practiced in classes at church halls, community centres, schools, and recreation centres. I credit yoga as being a massive part of my recovery from mental illness, a heart attack, and cancer. Whilst I was in hospital recovering from surgery for cancer I decided I was going to practice yoga daily and began to research how to make that a reality.

I found Apollo Power Yoga and am so glad I did. Since surgery I have lost 30kg and gained more strength in my body and mind than I though was possible. I work for an organisation that supports people with mental distress and wanted to share yoga with the mental health community. I was in yoga class and Margo was discussing the Baptiste-style power vinyasa yoga teacher training that Apollo Power Yoga runs and she said “If not you, who? You are ready now”. I felt like she was talking to me so I signed up for the yoga teacher training. The training grew my mind and practice further and now I have the privilege of sharing the transformative yoga journey with others.

I now teach at Apollo and also in the mental health community and am always inspired to witness other yogis’ growth. I love to hear about other people’s yoga journeys to see how they are impacted so I can learn more and incorporate this shared knowledge into classes. Yoga has so much to share in all aspects of life and I feel so grateful to have found it. Namaste!

Jim Small

Jim Small

I first went to some yoga classes around 20 years ago as cross training for football. As my playing time reduced, my coaching time increased, and I liked to add a few yoga poses into training sessions. Mainly I appreciated the vitality and strength that yoga provides to major muscle groups – lots of warrior 2!

After many years of football, my left knee cartilage gave out and I had to ration my minutes in football boots. Yoga gradually became my main form of physical fitness.

As I did more yoga, yoga began to do me. At Apollo I found I was challenged and inspired by Hamish and Margo’s teaching and leadership, and the Baptiste power vinyasa yoga on offer.

As a yoga teacher I want to express myself truly, and empower students to attain new ways of being, through their yoga practice.

My longer term goal is to transform football with yoga culture and methods.

Laura Pugh

Laura Pugh

I first came to practice yoga whilst I was living in London. Living in such a fast paced, busy city, yoga was a place for me to slow down and calm my mind. Yoga opened my mind to self-awareness and with that, I became more interested in doing things in my life that fulfilled me.

I went on to travel, moved around a few different countries, practicing yoga on and off, then I moved to Christchurch. Apollo Power Yoga for me was a community and yoga studio I wanted to be consistently a part of. After practicing with Apollo for around 2 years, I decided to do my teacher training with Hamish and Margo in early 2018. I can happily say it transformed my practice and life.

Camila Nieuwlands

Camila Nieuwlands

My journey with yoga began six years ago doing Bikram and Hatha, I loved the experience of yoga but was only feeling the physical benefits where i was practicing and with travel and life situations my practice fell by the wayside. One day I ran into a friend who was going in to Apollo for a class and invited me along to try, which I did, entering the studio with no expectations. Meeting Hamish was a delightful experience and the class blew me away with how powerful it was not just physically but the philosophy spoken to as well. I went as often as I could during my two week trial and was amazed at how swiftly my strength improved. I was hooked. That was 3 years ago and I haven’t looked back since!

It never ceases to amaze me that I started yoga wanting to empower myself on a physical level but the greatest benefits by far, which I was not expecting, have been the ongoing strengthening of my spirit. My ability to stay and remain calm in the face of challenge, to constantly get out of my comfort zone and grow, grow GROW! Yoga has completely transformed my way of being, my life has benefited on all levels from my practices of yoga, ujayi breathing and meditation. No longer am I held back in a place of fear, believing the limiting beliefs that my inner voice tells me, now I live in a realm of possibilities.

Hamish and Margo have been inspirational, supportive and highly encouraging teachers and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to under go yoga teacher training with them so I can now share this beautiful gift of self healing to others. I’ve spent my whole life looking for my passion and found it in Yoga, to be able to share that passion with people brings me so much joy and energy.

Ceri de Boo

When I was 14 my dad used to stand on his head in the living room.   He said that yoga helped with his bad back.  That was my first introduction to yoga.  Over the last 20 or so years I have tried out various yoga styles but not really found one that sat with me in the way that Baptiste power vinyasa does. 

I find energy and spiritual lift within my yoga practice and want to share this with the students in my classes.  The sense of connection, commitment to growth and the practice of pranayama to develop a strong mind, body and soul is at the forefront of my mind as I practice and as I teach.  Being part of Apollo Power Yoga has pushed me to be all that I can be and through regular practice I see how yoga plays out in my everyday life.

I see many benefits in opening up yoga practice to teenagers and enjoy the challenge that this brings to teaching, where a balance of humour, presence and empathy is needed to encourage their participation in a regular practice.