Why Apollo?

Apollo was the Greek god of the sun and also of healing.  We use the purifying power of heat in our classes to help in the process of healing through yoga practice.

Why do you heat the room?

All cultures have recognised the purifying quality of heat.  Heat encourages you to sweat and use your skin as an organ of cleansing and elimination.  As you pass through the fire you will come to see the light.  Our hot yoga is not oppressive.  The intensity is in the practice not the environment.  You will not be drenched in sweat and dehydrated as in some other hot yoga practices where the heat is extreme.  Maximum temperatures are around 28 – 30 degrees Celsius compared with 40 degrees or more elsewhere and the humidity is low.  Our hot yoga will let you move and flow through power vinyasa with energy and vigour.

What is Baptiste Yoga?

Have you wondered what Baptiste power vinyasa yoga is?  Follow this link and read a succinct explanation from one of the certified Baptiste power vinyasa yoga teachers: http://www.doyouyoga.com/what-is-baptiste-power-yoga/

Do you have showers?

Yes, we do.  Work hard in the hot yoga room then freshen up with a shower before returning to work or heading out for a social engagement.  Out of respect for other yogis waiting to use the showers and out of concern for the environment, please keep your showers brief.

What do I need to bring?

Athletic clothing that allows you to move freely but is not too bulky as power vinyasa yoga in a heated room will make you sweat.  Lululemon Athletica have a great range of yoga clothing for men and women – and there are handily located near Apollo’s studio in Cashel Street.  Check them out online at www.lululemon.com.  If you have a yoga mat bring it.  If you do not then we have them for hire at $2 per class.  You will need a towel to put on your mat to stop you slipping.  You will want to rehydrate so bring a bottle of water.  We have lockers.  If you wish to secure your gear bring a small padlock.  You must clear your property and the lock from the locker after class.  Finally, bring an open mind and an open heart.

Do I need to book in for classes?

We do not have a booking system.  We have a very large practice room, and 40 classes per week on our schedule, so no bookings are necessary.  Just come along to your class of choice.  On your first visit it is helpful if you are here 10 to 15 minutes before class is due to start.

Where do we park?

If you ride a bike to the studio, mat hire is free!  And we have bike racks on the side of our building for you.

But we know that some of you are coming from a distance and need to drive a car. There is plenty of on-street parking in Victoria St, and some on Salisbury St, just outside of the studio.  It has a 1 hour limit between 9am and 5pm, but that is not frequently enforced.  Montreal Street is also well-served with street parks, some two hours in duration and for payment, some unlimited as to duration and free.

The Casino carpark on Peterborough Street has the first hour free and $3 per hour after that.  There is plenty of free one hour parking in Conference and Beveridge Streets, one and two blocks to the north of the studio respectively..

If you’re prepared to walk 3-5 minutes from a car-park to the studio, there is quite a bit of free on-street parking between the studio and Hagley Park, and in the “Playground Parking” in Hagley Park.

There are various other off-street car-parking options available – see the map on the Christchurch City Council website: https://www.ccc.govt.nz/transport/parking/find-a-car-park-park-smart/

If you have problems getting a car-park, tell the City Council.  The Council’s strategy and planning has created the shortage of car-parks and they need to hear your feedback.

What are your hours?

The studio opens half an hour before class times and closes half an hour after classes finish.  If you need to meet with Hamish or Margo outside of those times or seek a private lesson please just e-mail or phone to make those arrangements.