My Apollo Power Yoga On Demand


Apollo Power Yoga offers three types of class:  In Studio classes at our physical locations, Live Stream classes which you join by booking through our Timetables page and which you attend by Zoom connection and Yoga on Demand which is a library of recorded classes available through Vimeo.

The On Demand service is made available through Vimeo.  The pricing on the Vimeo site is in United States dollars.  To hire the suite of classes for a month is US$10 and to purchase and download for yourself any one class is US$25.  You DO NOT need to subscribe to a paid Vimeo membership.  If you just want to practice along with our classes and do not have a Vimeo membership already, just sign up for the free Vimeo Basic service. 

We currently have thirteen classes in the online library varying in length from around 30 minutes to around 65 minutes.  Our latest additions include two sessions that Margo leads for children, one designed for children aged around 4-8 years and the other for children aged 8-12 years.

Check out Kids Yoga and Kids Yoga 8-12 Years and keep your children grounded, active and centred during the lockdown/rahui.

Two other recent additions are a clear Power Basics class taught by Hamish with excellent alignment and a powerful Power All Levels class taught by Margo with great options for extension by more experienced practitioners.

CLICK HERE to access our library of video classes for rent or for purchase.