My Apollo Power Yoga Practice On Demand

At Apollo Power Yoga we teach group classes to hundreds of students every day at our studios.  Often we are told that people cannot find a practice they like as much when they travel or move town or otherwise cannot get in to our studios to practice. 

This service is here for you so that you can enjoy the energising vitality and inspiration of Apollo Power Yoga’s classes wherever you are!

We currently have eight classes in the online library varying in length from around 30 minutes to around 65 minutes.  Our latest addition is a power restore class featuring dragon and pigeon as hip openers.

Using this service you may rent our classes for a period of a month at a time or you may purchase a class or classes to have available for your use at any that you wish.

We will regularly add new material to the service to keep the content varied, fresh and powerful for you.

CLICK HERE to access our library of video classes for rent or for purchase.

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