Class Schedule


Which class should you start with? The one that you can come to. We look forward to practicing with  you soon!

No booking is required.  Please just come along to the class of your choice!

We are introducing timetabling changes from Sunday 4 August to meet your requests.

At the Ferrymead studio, the first class on Sundays from 4 August will be 8:30am, instead of 9:30am.  We are also introducing a 3pm Power Basics class on Sundays, and moving the Power Restore class to 4:30pm instead of 4pm.

The Ferrymead 7:45am classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays are moving to 9:30am, so that we have 9:30am classes Monday to Friday at Ferrymead.  

At the City studio, we won’t be running the 7:30am classes on Mondays and Fridays anymore, but the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:30am classes will carry on.

Central City Studio Class Timetable

Ferrymead Studio Class Timetable

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