We ask all yogis to respect our code of etiquette to ensure all who practice at Apollo Power Yoga have a safe and positive experience. 

Margo Mountain Pose


Be punctual

 If you cannot be set up in the practice room by the scheduled start of class then you may not practice that class.


Sign in

Sign in upon arrival at the studio. Once you have done so then you may set up your mat for class.


Be Respectful

This studio is a non-competitive and non-judgmental environment. Look in, find a sense of self and we shall all grow together in our own way.

Please be respectful of your fellow practitioners and their property.



Please keep silence in the practice room and allow other practitioners to enjoy the peace and serenity.

Ask questions of the teacher before or after class – they are there to help – but during class please refrain from talking.

Please turn off your electronic devices. Leave these devices at home or in your car or turn them off while at the yoga studio. If you have a special reason for needing your phone on please discuss this with the teacher before class and with their permission set your phone to silent or vibrate.



You will sweat in class so wear athletic clothing. Choose clothing that preserves your modesty, avoiding clothing that is too skimpy or revealing.

Scents can be an irritant in the practice room, particularly as you begin to sweat. Please avoid bringing strong aromas into class with you.  Rinse your feet in the showers before class perhaps.  Do not smoke before class.  Avoid wearing strong perfumes or aftershave.

Observe good hygiene. Purity and cleanliness are virtues to be cultivated as we come into close proximity with each other.


move with the group

Please respect the teacher. Regardless of what you may want to do in your practice, refrain from doing your own thing. Follow the teacher’s guidance and move with the group.


Choose to stay

You will be confronted by the resistance in your thoughts and in your body during your yoga practice. Out of courtesy to your teacher and fellow yogis, commit to a full practice from start to finish. Choose to stay in a composed manner.


Tidy up

Please put away all equipment at the end of class.

If you hire a mat please use the spray bottles and sponges in the practice room to refresh your mat before the next person needs to use it.