Baron Baptiste's

40 days to personal Revolution

Apollo Power Yoga delivers the teaching of Baron Baptiste, founder of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga.  One of Baron’s key programmes is 40 Days to Personal Revolution, and we are proud to be able to offer that programme to you.

Our 2022 course begins on Sunday 2 October with a 4:30 pm workshop and continues with weekly workshops at the same time through to and including Sunday, 6 November.  Plan ahead now and make this spring your personal revolution.

We are also offering 40 Days to Personal Revolution ONLINE.  You can sign up to be part of the action via Zoom and be part of the revolution from anywhere in the world!

Margo and Hamish have trained in person with Baron Baptiste many times and are masters of his teaching and methodology.  Margo and Hamish have participated in and have led this programme many times.  No two people in the country are better qualified or better able to deliver 40 Days to Personal Revolution to you

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“...if you dedicate your energies to detaching from struggle, giving up fear, taking right action, and practicing true patience within yourself, you will find that all the pieces of your life begin to radiate with the luminosity of whole and true health.”
― Baron Baptiste, 40 Days to Personal Revolution


2 October - 10 November 2021


Central City Studio

Programme Information

Commit to yourself for 40 Days

  • Weekly workshops
  • Daily yoga practice
  • Daily meditations
  • Nutritional focus
  • Personal inquiry


$385 Full Price

$165 Annual Member Discount


What you receive:

  1.  For the live, in-studio programme:
  • Weekly workshops
  • Materials, including Baron Baptiste’s textbook, 40 Days to Personal Revolution
  • For those who are not annual members, it also includes an unlimited 40-day pass to practice at any of Apollo’s classes. 
  • You will also receive daily e-mails to keep you inspired and on track.

2.  For the on-line programme:

  • Participation in weekly workshops either by livestream or by a recording of the workshop for you to access at your leisure.
  • Weekly handouts setting out all the elements of the week’s programme including the weekly practice, the weekly theme, the nutritional focus of the week and the personal inquiry questions of the week.
  • Daily emails to keep you inspired and on-track.

how to sign up

At a Studio

Sign up in person at the Central City Studio or Ferrymead Studio

Contact Hamish

The 40 Days  to Personal Revolution programme spring-cleans your life and lets you breathe, move and live from a yogic way of being.  It’s much more than a simple challenge to practice asana daily – because if nothing else in your life changes, then nothing else changes!

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Throughout the 40 Days programme, a daily asana practice acts as a springboard to incorporate meditation, personal inquiry, yoga philosophy and nutritional knowledge into your life.

This programme was created by Baron Baptiste and is detailed in his book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution.  All studios following the Baptiste methodology throughout the world regularly offer this programme to help their students delve deeper into the benefits of a full yoga practice.

The classes at Apollo Power Yoga during the 40 days programme are based on the practices assigned for each week of the programme.  If you choose to practice at Apollo during the programme you will be getting the practice intended by the programme, but you can also do the practices at home, or combine studio and home practice.

This programme requires a commitment from you, to yourself and your personal growth.  It requires a commitment of time – the more so the deeper we go into the 40 days, as our twice daily meditations increase in length from 5 to 30 minutes and our asana practice increases in length from 20 to 90 minutes.  There is also a commitment required to a nutritional focus, intended to help you find your healthiest way of feeding your body.  Finally, you are asked for commitment to personal inquiry and being prepared to work through your limiting self-beliefs and come into a lighter, more powerful way of being.

The weekly workshops are, at the outset, around 90 minutes long but increase to around 2½ hours for the final workshop of the 40 days.  If you’re unable to attend some of the weekly workshops, you can still participate in the programme.  We will email you with all of the materials you will need, we will livestream the essential elements of the workshop over Zoom, and you can call or email Hamish or Margo to discuss any questions or issues that you have with the programme.

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People often ask whether it is necessary to be at every weekly workshop and whether they have to do every meditation and every asana practice during the 40 days.  How much you put into the programme is up to you.  The greater your commitment to and engagement in the process, the greater will be the rewards.  There are no penalties for not meditating or not practicing, other than the loss of the opportunity.

This programme is for you to step into a new and more powerful way of being that will bring benefits in your sense of self-esteem and the quality of your relationships with those in your life.  Make the commitment now.