From Hand to Body to Soul

From 25 to 27 August I shall be running Apollo Power Yoga’s first course dedicated solely to hands-on assisting.  As a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) I have developed a course to give you skill in applying alignment, action principles and possibility in your students’ poses.  This course counts for twenty hours of continuing education.

The course:

From Hand to Body to Soul will teach you principles of assisting and the different techniques you will require to give students different types of assist.

This course will lead you through multiple assists across approximately fifty poses and transitions found in power yoga, vinyasa yoga, hatha and yin yoga.  Whatever style of practice you teach, you will learn how to empower your students through offering hands-on assists.

The course includes instruction in the ethics of hands-on assisting, the essential nature of consent and the skill in assisting in a way that empowers rather than offends or upsets the student

You will gain confidence in giving assists and you will get to provide assists in a live class environment.

We begin our work on Friday, 25 August at 4 pm and will  and work on Friday evening, all day Saturday and most of the day on Sunday, 27 August.

The need:

In the era of the pandemic, many yoga courses have been offered on-line and these courses do not provide instruction in hands-on assists (either no instruction or poor instruction).  In 2020 I did a 300 hour course online.  There was a very small session which included the teacher doing a few assists to her husband in a pose.  It was not instructive.

The hands-off era of the pandemic and the #metoo era has seen hands-on assisting fall into decline.  But hands-on assisting is an extremely effective teaching tool.  I call it the art of assisting because there is a great skill in giving hands-on assists in a respective, appropriate and effective manner.

If you have trained online or if you have not trained in a course that teaches assisting or if you have lost the practice and confidence of hands-on assisting then you NEED to take this course.

Thunderbolt hands-on assisting by Hamish Kenworthy of Apollo Power Yoga
Hamish Kenworthy of Apollo Power Yoga assisting a student in thunderbolt pose

Your teacher:

I am Hamish Kenworthy, lead teacher at Apollo Power Yoga and lead trainer of Apollo’s RYS-200 course, Step into your Power.  I am YACEP and ERYT-500.  My training has been extensive with Baptsite Power Yoga Institute, with MyVinyasaPractice, with Cameron Shayne in Budokon Yoga, with Donna Farhi and others.   In training with BPYI I traveled to Houston, USA, for a specialised course on the Art of Assisting.  I have training and experience in hands-on assists and use assists as a tool in my teaching on a daily basis.

I have taught many thousands of hours of classes through Apollo Power Yoga.  My teaching began at other studios before I opened Apollo with my wife, Margo, in 2013 and I acquired experience there.  Since opening Apollo I have taught in classes, master classes, workshops, trainings and retreats at Apollo and, by invitation, at other studios and venues across New Zealand.

Read more biographical information by clicking here.

When, where and how much?

My course runs from 4 pm on Friday, 25 August to around 4 pm on Sunday, 27 August 2023 at Apollo Power Yoga in Christchurch.

The fee is $950.

You will need a yoga mat, strap and block.  Bring with you a hand towel and water bottle.  Have a journal and pen to take notes.  Snacks will be provided but meals and accommodation are not.

Complete an application to attend.  You can find the application and read more about the course online by clicking here.  Call me on 021 0551884 for more information.  Sign up now and take a giant step forward in your teaching and your connection with your students.