Meditation is a process

Are you feeling stuck in life?
Are you not where you expected to be at this point in your life?
Are you uncertain of where to go with yourself?
Do you feel bullied or pressured by the people in your life?
Do you feel ill-at-ease or unfulfilled?
Do your thoughts give you no rest?
Do you have negative thoughts about yourself?

If any of these situations applies to you, I can help.  Together we can take stock of what is going on for you in life, put your awareness on areas where growth and transformation is required and is possible, and make qualitative changes.

  • You will make better decisions. You will be happier with your choices.
  • You will feel empowered with respect to your circumstances. You will act responsibly rather than be stuck in a stressful loop of reactivity.
  • You will gain clarity and an enhanced sense of direction in your life and contentment in yourself.

I will not make decisions for you.  I will not force you into a pre-conceived box.  We will work together to spring clean your way of being.

We can address everything from your nutrition to your activities, your work and your relationships, your finances and your short-, middle- and long-term goals and aspirations.

Contact Hamish to arrange a consultation either by phone, 021 0551884, or by email,

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Purchase five sessions for just $400 and we will work together, on a schedule convenient to you, to re-align and re-direct your way in life for greater contentment, satisfaction and empowerment.

Beyond the first five sessions we can schedule appointments as may be necessary to follow through with any avenues of inquiry you may need.

A session lasts for one hour.  All matters discussed are kept strictly confidential.