Hamish Kenworthy – your mentor – has a long experience of life in a variety of different roles.

Hamish has LLB and BA (POLS) degrees.  He practiced the law after leaving university.  He rose to be a partner in his law firm and practiced as a court lawyer using his strengths in communication to be an effective litigator and negotiator.

When Hamish and his wife, Margo, began a family, Hamish resigned his partnership and became a full-time parent.  Hamish greatly values the life experience he gained being at home with his two sons and watching and helping them grow.  During his time as a house husband Hamish was heavily involved in voluntary organisations involving his sons’ acivities including being a member of the Huntsbury Preschool committee and the Licensee of that preschool.  He also became a member of the St. Michael’s Church School PTA, a member of that school’s Board of Governors and the Chairperson of the Board.

In 2010 Hamish trained to become a yoga teacher and taught for several years at a new studio in Christchurch and helped establish their practices and reputation with his knowledge of vinyasa yoga and the quality of his teaching.  In 2013 Hamish and Margo opened their own studio, Apollo Power Yoga.  At his first yoga teacher training Hamish wrote in his journal that in five years he would own a yoga studio and would employ yoga teachers.  That happened in just three years!

As part of the growth of Apollo Power Yoga, Hamish established a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training programme called Step into your Power.  This course, which has been running every year since 2016, has been a tremendous avenue for yoga students to become highly effective yoga teachers and for individuals to gain empowerment and direction in their lives.

Hamish has also been a mentor to trainee yoga teachers in Africa through the Africa Yoga Project.  Hamish has worked for six years as a mentor to trainee yoga teachers.

Hamish Kenworthy - your mentor

Now Hamish brings his wealth of knowledge and life experience to his role as mentor and life coach for you.

Testimonials with respect to Hamish’s coaching and guidance:

this training was everything I hoped it would be and then so much more!  Hamish… blew me away with [his] integrity, intelligence, and ability to hold space for people as they opened up.”

I found the inward looking sessions hugely transformative. I felt that there was a consistent theme, and was really impressed by Hamish’s ability to retain what each person had said throughout the week and then re-state it to the relevant participant at a pivotal moment.”

Hamish [is] excellent at guiding the daily discussion sessions.  You are so kind and understanding.  You created a safe space to draw the truth out of each student.”

Your ability to read people and hone in on what they are saying (or aren’t!) and what they need in that moment is a real gift, you have taught me a lot about myself, encouraged me to drop a lot of stuff I don’t need, and helped me to create a new way of thinking that ultimately makes me a better person.”