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Step into your Power – Yoga Intensive and Teacher Training

Thank you for your interest in Apollo Power Yoga’s  5-star rated yoga intensive and teacher trainings.

Feedback from the 2018 trainings:

“I can’t begin to express the depth of my gratitude for this whole new world you have opened up for me…  Some great people have influenced my life so far but few to this extent.  You have truly inspired.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Back [home] from my amazing yoga teacher training in Christchurch. It was a life changing experience not for the non committed; with blood, sweat and tears (literally); skilfully facilitated and guided with discipline and love by Hamish Kenworthy and Margo Perpick at Apollo Power Yoga. I take not just a better knowledge and understanding of the power vinyasa yoga series by Baron Baptiste with me but transformation in my body, the (no)mind and my soul which has created a new way of being for me. Thank you H and M and my fellow yogi students.”

In 2019 our yoga intensives/teacher training courses will be held at Wainui on Banks Peninsula.  The January training will be 12-19 January 2019 (both dates inclusive).  The dates for the second intensive are 21-28 September 2019 (both inclusive).

The fee for the January 2019 intensive will be $2500.  The fee includes tuition, accommodation and meals for the eight days of the programme.

You may attend the course as an intensive, to explore and deepen your yoga practice as a way of being, and as an big step forward in your own personal transformation and development, or you may attend both courses as part of a 200-hour teaching qualification endorsed by Yoga Alliance.


The two intensives have many elements that overlap but they each have a distinct curriculum so you will benefit from attending both and will, if pursuing the teacher training qualification, need to attend both a January intensive and an September intensive.  If it is not convenient to attend both in one year you may attend one in one year and the other in the following year, preferably, but not necessarily, taking the January intensive first.

To hear Hamish being interviewed by Kara-Leah Grant from The Yoga Lunchbox about his background, yoga philosophy and the 2019 training click here.

Wainui is a beautiful rural resort on Banks Peninsula in the South Island of New Zealand.  The venue is a bush surrounded facility with wonderful bird life about a 10-minute walk from a stony beach on Akaroa Harbour on the opposite side from Akaroa township.  The surroundings provide an ideal opportunity for you to commit body, mind and spirit to yoga practice and to yoga as a way of being.

As this intensive forms part of a Yoga Alliance approved teacher training programme there will be time committed to the five curriculum elements of:

  1. Techniques, training and practice,
  2. Teaching methodology,
  3. Anatomy and physiology,
  4. Practicum and,
  5. Yoga philosophy, lifestyle and ethics.

The three areas of greatest focus will be meditation, asana and inquiry.  The elements of the week will serve you well regardless of whether you are intending to be a yoga teacher or simply wish to follow the yogic thread deeper into yourself and your life.


The practice we will train in is the Journey into Power practice of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga.  Baron Baptiste’s book of the same name will form the core text for the intensive/training.  It is recommended that you read this book (available from Apollo Power Yoga or through on-line booksellers) and if you do not have it already, establish a familiarity with the sequence.

The menu will be set.  We can cater for special dietary needs (e.g. gluten free, vegetarian, vegan).  Three meals will be served per day beginning with breakfast between about 7:30am and 8:30am daily.

The daily programme will typically follow the pattern of meditation at 9:00am followed by asana practice, lunch, afternoon sessions on anatomy and physiology and practice speaking/teaching/assisting, dinner, and evening sessions of inquiry, philosophy and ethics.  On some days there may be an evening asana practice to conclude the day.  The sessions will be interactive and the greater your involvement the greater will be the rewards for you.  You will bond with your fellow students and great connections and friendships can be formed.


Open this link to apply to attend our January intensive:  2019StepIntoYourPowerAppln-Jan  We recommend you download the Word document, fill in the answers in a distinctive font style or colour and email it back to

Here is some feedback from the January 2018 intensive:

“I actually had no expectations whatsoever and have found that the course, guidance and training that you and Margo provided throughout both courses was superb and way way above any expectation I would have had anyway. 

When I came to Maruia last year it was essentially for some time out to focus on myself and doing something I love even if it was just for a week. I had no idea what I’d gotten myself in for or indeed that it would lead me so far down a path of yoga teaching. 

I think in terms of asana practice, methodology delivery, meditation teaching etc everything was delivered perfectly – a highlight being the final afternoon of Wainui. I’m a big believer in the more relaxed an environment is the more people are likely to respond in a positive way to that and in this case learn more effectively the methodology, and relax in to their own being and allow their teaching to flow. 

I came to the trainings to challenge myself physically, and left with far more than I could have imagined – physically, mentally and spiritually. Your ability to read people and hone in on what they are saying (or aren’t!) and what they need in that moment is a real gift, you have taught me a lot about myself, encouraged me to drop a lot of stuff I don’t need, and helped me to create a new way of thinking that ultimately makes me a better person. 

So a huge thank you to both of you for all your hard work and effort that you put in to these trainings but also for everything you have both coached me in along the way.”

“It was a fantastic, incredible experience. It is hard to describe. I have learned so much in such a short time and when I came back I was feeling so very happy and inspired!

Thank you so much Hamish and Margo. You are some incredible human beings.”

“Personal inquiry sessions revealed vast expanses of my existence that I was either avoiding, neglecting or destroying and I am truly grateful for the time we had to reshape my awareness of how these patterns of thought and behaviour influence the way I show up for myself and everyone else. For me, different issues emerged with each session; however, I found it always brought me back to awareness and the sense of being true, kind and patient with myself so as to find an anchor point in my being from which to radiate and connect with others. The teachers did exceptional work in confronting all of us with the resistance we had in the different themes and providing some thoughts on how we could come to better terms with the reactions these themes generated in us.”

“Discussion sessions about personal philosophy really interesting, both learning about self and others way of being and being able to relate this to your own situation.   There was a consistent them of looking at our way of being and how that can either serve us or inhibit us in all walks of life.  Both Hamish and Margo have superb listening skills and were able skilfully draw insight and understanding from the students throughout the sessions leaving them feeling complete in their process and ultimately empowered and excited about new possibility.” 

Why Step Into Your Power Yoga Teacher Training?
“I have experienced different forms of yoga (Bikram, Hatha, and many forms of ‘power vinyasa’) in the last few years. This experience has been valuable in that the Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa style of yoga has stood out from all others. The practice has a quality to it that is not only technically sound but also challenges you and leads you on a path of variations, strength, and wellbeing that doesn’t end once you step off your mat. 
Hamish Kenworthy, through his countless hours of instruction, has taught me more about life than yoga – and yoga has subsequently become part of my life. The opportunity to learn from a teacher that has trained and taught in the Baptiste style of yoga and has been such an influence in my life, in the comfort of New Zealand is first class.”


Feedback from some participants in the January and April 2017 intensives:

“The personal enquiry sessions were highly useful to learn more about yourself and face some unpleasant themes and it was surprising what revealed itself throughout the 8 days.  Margo and Hamish provided wonderful guidance and it felt like a safe and encouraging environment to share personal experiences, thoughts or fears.  I was impressed how attentive both Margo and Hamish were to each person who shared something… no matter how late in the evening or how many people had shared before…  the attention to each and every one who got up to say something was palpable.  I felt that there was an amazing fine-tuning towards how far you can/have to push people and when you got to back off and give them some space.  Also I thought it was most helpful that you were not forced to see things a certain way but were only guided by well- aimed questions to find or arrive at your truth for yourself”.

“This “Step into your Power” yoga teaching training course is a journey that assists the student to find their inner strength to identify their weaknesses, so they then have the power and mind-body connection tools to overcome them.  The course uses the Baptiste style of Power Vinyasa to harness all that you have to give birth to new ways of being and possibilities in your body, mind, your communications, relationships, and your life as a yoga teacher, and beyond.  You probably get a 200 hour yoga teacher certificate at the end, but that is only symbolic of a fraction of what the training makes available to the participant who is open to  “commit to making themselves good, their group good, their teachers good, and the training good”.”

“Thanks so much, Hamish – it was a really great training – I got more than I could have hoped for from it!”

Feedback from participants in the April 2016 intensive:

– And, would just like to say yet another huge thanks for the incredible journey!  It was better than I could have imagined!

– AMAZING!  INCREDIBLE!  I’ve talked of very little else since returning including telling all of my friends and colleagues how they must go on one.

– Maruia Hot Springs Resort was an incredible venue for the training.  The food was excellent, the yoga room was lovely and the hot pools were really great for the body!

– I found the inward looking sessions hugely transformative.  I felt that there was a consistent theme, and was really impressed by Hamish’s ability to retain what each person had said throughout the week and then re-state it to the relevant participant at a pivotal moment.

– It was great to be able to practice and take breaks within the practice to learn more about an asana. Often in a class, especially as it is a flow style of yoga, a pose is only done once or twice, with little time to drill down on all the components that make up the pose. To be able to take the time to focus on a pose was really awesome. It was also great to be able to ask questions about a pose, and what was needed for the ideal alignment.

Step into your Power is a Yoga Alliance RYT200 training.


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