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All Apollo Power Yoga classes are taught with a lightness of spirit and an absence of dogma that lets all practitioners find free expression in their own bodies.

Class hand to knee pose

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Hamish Warrior One

Power Basics​

Based on the Power All Levels class, this practice slows the pace and concentrates on foundational elements of the practice.

This class is a great starting point for those new to Power Vinyasa yoga, but still has enough intensity to meet the needs of more experienced practitioners.

Hamish Twisting Triangle

Power All Levels

This is an energising, strengthening and fun Power Vinyasa class. You will work through a dynamic range of postures in a rhythm of respiration. The postures, breath work, meditative frame of mind and personal inquiry will take you where no other yoga class has before. This is Power Yoga in its most empowering and fun expression.

Power Restore

In this class we emphasise qualities of earth and water as we enter a meditative flow concentrated upon opening and restorative postures.

This slower, more yin-oriented class is a perfect complement to the energetic power of the All Levels and Basics classes.

It is also ideal for sports people needing to realign and recover from strenuous training or competition, for sedentary workers seeking to re-establish their posture and for those who feel the weight of the world resting on their shoulders. 

This is powerful yoga with a slow pace plumbing the depths of body, mind and spirit.

Monkey Pose

Power Groove​

A 60 minute Power All Levels Vinyasa class with music.  There are fewer alignment cues and greater freedom for the practitioner to be creative and expressive in their poses.  A great fun way to wind down the working week.

A flowing yoga practice created by Cameron Shayne, founder of the Budokon® University.  This transition-based practice will challenge your strength, balance and coordination and will shake up your conception of what “yoga” is.

Not recommended for beginners. 

Stacked Rocks Balancing


There is magic in group meditation, come along and create the clarity and peace of mind that you desire.

The drop-in meditation class at Apollo Power Yoga, includes approximately half an hour of meditation.

We will offer some instruction about meditation, we will meditate together and we will discuss our experience.

Class Descriptions

Workplace Wellness Yoga and Meditation Workshops​

Provide your workforce with Apollo Power Yoga’s workplace wellness guidance through yoga and mediation workshops. These are a great way for members of businesses to grow healthier as individuals and as a team.

Over the space of a private 2 or 3 hour session, Hamish Kenworthy will instruct your team members in the basics of meditation, as well as leading them through a strengthening and restorative power vinyasa yoga practice.

A regular meditation practice enables people to face the stresses of their working lives and personal struggles with equanimity. It is an essential element in developing emotional intelligence, now widely recognised as an important factor for success in our business and personal lives.

Share these benefits with your workforce, so that they are as healthy and happy as they can be.

Prices for Workplace Wellness Workshops

We can provide:

  •  2 hour workshop for $25/person (minimum $250) 
  • 3 hour workshop for $40/person (minimum $400).

Mat rental and other yoga equipment is included in the price.

Times available for Workplace Wellness Workshops

  • Mondays or Wednesdays between 2 and 3:30pm
  • Tuesdays or Thursdays between 2 and 4pm
  • Fridays between 7 and 9 pm
  • Saturdays between 11am and 2:30pm
  • Sundays between 11:30am and 2:30pm or between 6 and 9pm.

Class Descriptions

Private Instruction

Hamish Thunderbolt

Apollo Power Yoga’s studios may be booked for private lessons or for group bookings for sports teams or clubs, team building work groups or anyone else wishing to have exclusive use of the studio.  If you are new to hot yoga or want to learn the basics of power vinyasa yoga before committing to a public class, a private lesson is a great way to make progress fast.

Private lessons are a great way to make quick progress in your practice, getting past plateaus in your practice and taking more fun and enjoyment from yoga.  We can even do “In-class Privates” where you get a teacher standing by your mat giving assists for each pose throughout a class taught by another teacher.  You practice a regular class but have the undivided attention of a teacher trained in assisting working with you the whole class.

Yoga is a great team building exercise for groups as it is accessible to most people and with the support of a group it is easy to have fun and build strong bonds and connections between team members.

Private sessions for sports teams or clubs can be tailored to the special needs of the group, whether it be off-season strengthening or mid-season restorative work.  Enormous benefits are to be had from using yoga as a conditioning practice or as a means of re-aligning after hard training or competition.

All private lessons are with either Hamish or Margo. Rates for private lessons and private bookings are POA. Contact us for more information. 

Class Descriptions

Yoga in Pregnancy

Power Yoga is a great way to stay fit and strong during pregnancy.  It’s safe and low impact, but highly effective in keeping your muscles toned.

At Apollo Power Yoga, we offer a modified version of our Power Vinyasa and Power Restore classes.  These are especially designed to give pregnant woman the strength and conditioning they need, while keeping mother and baby safe.

Our modified routines can be used in any of the 38 Power Vinyasa and Power Restore classes we offer each week.

Practice Power Yoga at Apollo to keep your muscles strong, and to stay within a safe range of weight increase.  You will appreciate these benefits heading into labour, childbirth and new motherhood.

Our practice room at Apollo Power Yoga is heated to a safe and pleasant 28 degrees Celsius during our regularly scheduled classes.

Pregnancy Yoga at Apollo Power Yoga is a great way to improve your breathing, which will help you during labour and birth.  We also incorporate meditation into our yoga classes, to help you calm and focus your mind.

Any of the Power Basics, Power All Levels or Power Restore classes on our schedule may be practiced by pregnant women, using the modified routine. 

In order to learn the modified routine, book a private lesson with Margo. 

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